Enterprise Architecture

Info Spec was the pioneer of introducing Enterprise Architecture to Asia.

EA courses are done in collaboration with Zachman International and FEAC both based in the USA.

These courses are offered as classroom courses as well as on-line webinar based.  Info Spec has also been arranging in-house courses and seminars at local clients events.  If you have a need, or if you want to explore whether it is the right time for your organisation to go into EA,  contact us for a free, no obligations discussion.

info@infospec.com.my    or call us at +60 163922618 (you can use sms or WhatsApp with the message “call me re EA” and we will return your call.

Please visit the respective websites for details of courses.



You really cannot understand what is EA without knowing the Zachman Framework. The Zachman Framework is the basis of the science behind EA.



John Zachman, the originator of the Zachman Framework which is the only scientific basis for an Enterprise Architecture framework.ZachDenver_SScert_IMG_0981